What we believe and what we do

We at Little Minds Makerspace believe:

child with puzzle
All little minds are creative
Little girls playing on a tablet computing device
All little minds are full of solutions
Nerd Children Wearing Lighted Mind Reading Helmets
All little minds want to come up with great ideas
All little minds have a lot to share

We at Little Minds Makerspace help:

Little minds to learn ways to express their creativeness
Little minds to learn ways to share ideas and solutions in a space of ‘belonging’ and where all ideas are ‘valued’
Little minds to learn that together everyone achieves more and from this we can create AMAZING!

What do we support ?

Little minds to use many types of activities and experiences to learn new concepts and skills that will support them to feel more confident to work through a design, make and value their creations ALIVE. This could be anything from a dance, to a new recipe, to coding robots, to the most amazing train track you could ever imagine. 
We do this by using a developmental program that works through different themes to learn the pre-STEM skills needed to make their ideas achievable.